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Database Drivers Support

No need to install additional software drivers on your machine. Login to your Superset web interface and craft a connection string. The RO Labs Superset image comes pre-bundled with drivers for the following database engines:

Adding Additional Database Drivers

Of course, if you need other database connection packages, you can easily install them on your instance. Make sure you have SSH access to your machine, and ssh into your box using your instance's public IP address or DNS host name.

ssh ec2-user@<INSTANCE-IP>

Before installing the package, be sure to switch to the superset user.

sudo su - superset

From here you can install the package like normal using pip. The following example will install the Oracle database connector to the Superset instance.

pip install cx_Oracle
Replace cx_Oracle with the SQL Academy driver of your choice. Wait for the installation to complete, and the package can then be used. For a list of supported database drivers and their packages, please refer to the official Apache Superset documentation.