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Manticore Search is a lightweight SQL-focused database search engine. It is a continuation of Apache Sphinx with massive improvements. Manticore is open source, provides low latency and fast throughput for full-text search, stream filtering, and percolate queries. Here are a few of the extensive features that Manticore provides out of the box:

  • Built-in SQL
  • Rich Search Query Syntax
  • Document Storage
  • Replication
  • Real-time Indexes
  • Faceted Search
  • Geosearch Locating
  • Powerful Search Ranking Algorithm
  • Built-in JSON Support
  • Percolate Queries
  • Flexible Custom Morphology
  • Built-in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and CSV support
  • ODBC and XMLPIPE Drivers for any Data Storage
  • Built-in Morphology for most Languages (Strong CJK Support)

Manticore is a SQL first service, allowing users to either use SQL over HTTP/S or any MySQL compliant client of their choosing.