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Getting Started on AWS

These instructions will get you the Certified RO Labs version of Manticore Search up and running on AWS. You can start launching an instance of the AMI by accessing it from the AWS Marketplace.

Choose Instance Type

Select the instance type of your choice. If you are looking to test out Manticore Search and work with sample data, a t2.large instance will be sufficient. However, if you are working with larger datasets, it's recommended you use a t2.xlarge as a starting point and scale up accordingly.

aws instance type

Add Storage

Amazon Web Services defaults to a disk size of 8GB. Take into consideration the size of your dataset and how you expect to grow. 8GB would be enough for a test run, but consider what you require for your production settings.

aws add storage

Configure Security Group

Select a preexisting security group or create a new one. To access to server, make sure to keep SSH (22) open. The following ports are used by Manticore Search and should be opened based on how you expect to interact with the service:

  • 9306 MySQL Client
  • 9308 HTTP/JSON
  • 9312 Manticore Clusters (not needed for single instances)

NOTE: Manticore Search does not provide any password protection you might be used to when using a MySQL client. For this reason DO NOT expose these ports onto the public internet ( This will be fine for a proof-of-concept or testing application, but not for a production server. Make sure the Source is on your AWS VCP only.

aws configure security group

Review and Launch

Look over your instance details and make sure everything looks correct. If you need to make any changes, go back and adjust the settings. Once you're happy with everything click the Launch button. Lastly, you'll be presented with an option to choose an existing key pair, or create a new one for this instance. Once you're ready, click the Launch Instance button.

aws confirmation

Once the EC2 instance has been deployed, you're ready to start working with Manticore Search. Open up your EC2 instances in your AWS console, and select the Manticore Search instance to view its details.

Logging In and Testing the Instance

Next, test that your Manticore Search server is set up and ready to start working. From your EC2 instances, find the Manticore Search server's IP address or DNS, and log into the server over SSH. We can test that its up and running properly by connecting to it using a MySQL client. Within your server, execute the following command

mysql -h '' -D 'Manticore' -P 9306

You will have connected to the Manticore database and can now start creating your search application. If you are exposing your instance over a VPC or the internet, you can run the same command as above. However, make sure to change to the proper IP address of your EC2 instance.